Pet Scams


  What is a Pet Scam Website? Post Credited to  << -- Help supports these types of sites and they help everyone protect pet owners from thieves. The scam typically involves ads for non-existent puppies being placed in newspapers and online classifieds at suspiciously low prices. The ‘seller’ provides interested buyers with pictures of

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Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Healthy


When you love your pet, it’s natural to want to keep it looking and feeling good — and that includes a shiny coat. A shiny coat not only looks pretty, but it also reflects good health. What’s the secret to getting a shiny dog coat? A lot of it comes back to proper care and

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Switching your Pet food


  #1; When Switching your Pet food, please talk to your Vet first. #2; Slowly Switch To New Food. Over a period of two weeks, replace some of their regular food with the new food. This will give their digestive system time to adapt and they should not have the runs. #3; Determine How Much

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